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Caring For Your Soap

Caring For Your Soap:

Our products contain very precious ingredients that you will want to preserve while not in use. For soaps, be sure to never leave them in standing water or near direct steam. This will increase the longevity of the soap.

Products kept in containers should have lids closed snug to protect and keep the essential oils and other beneficial ingredients pure.


For Topical Use Only:

All ingredients are included with every product as well as on this website. If you have sensitive skin or have allergies please be sure to read the ingredients thoroughly.

Discontinue use if rash, redness or itching occurs. Please consult your physician if an irritation persists. A patch test is always recommended with any new product.

If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before use.

Many of our products look good enough to eat. Please do not ingest any of our products.